Donation for Custom Page Plugin

Your Donation make Custom Page Plugin growth!

I am glad that the Custom Page plugin have received some positive feedback from the WordPress lover. So, I have make a serious decision. That is for Custom Page Plugin Version 2.0, it will continue FREE download at WordPress when it is complete.

Why I make this decision?

At the beginning, I have consider to make Custom Page plugin Version 2.0 as a commercial plugin. However, I realize that the Custom Page plugin need more feedback from from users to make it more user friendly and compatible to the real need. So, I have decided continue provide free download and hope all user will continue enjoy the plugin. This is a tough decision for me because WordPress plugin development is time consuming and need a lot of resources to support the development. So, I expected a donation from you to support the growth of Custom Page plugin.

What feature you can expected from Custom Page plugin Version 2.0?

  • Multiple Custom Page View
  • Localization
  • Easily to embed in content of Post and Page
  • Better WYSIWYG
  • Add-on the animation effect.

Thanks for Your Donation!